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TABITHA concert

tabithapostercropsm     Tabitha Performance Group is a student directed dance    project founded in 1999 by Emily Harney and Amanda Eicher and as another student director, Jess Hoing, described it “…a group named after and inspired by misidentification.”

    Each year, the responsibility for directing the group is handed down within the Dance Program as a ‘May Day Gift’ to a rising senior or seniors who demonstrate particular interest in and talent for direction and choreography.  This choreographer, working with a faculty mentor, then takes responsibility for a full evening of work or invites student colleagues to contribute to the performance.

   This year, Amancay Candal Tribe is coordinating the concert and presenting her senior thesis project, May is the Month of Morning.  Other participants include:

-First year student (but advanced Flamenco dancer!), Jessica Breet
-Senior Joie Waxler in the solo from modern dance pioneer Isadora Duncan’s 1905 piece Dance of the Furies
-Musical interlude by the Looney Tunes, Haverford College’s a cappella group

Supported by SGA and the Dance Program

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