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1) On Saturday December 15 at 1PM in Pem, student dancers in the Modern Ensemble, choreographed by Professor Caruso Haviland, and the Jazz Ensemble, choreographed by guest artist, Lauren Putty White, will show the dances they’ve been working on this past semester.  These Ensembles will meet a few times in the Spring to ready the pieces for the  Spring Dance Concert on April 26 and 27.

(Modern Ensemble dancers Louisa Perrin, Dylan Hoffman, Hanna Higgins, Heather Robinson, Jasmine Stanton, Sonya O’Brien, missing-Angela Zhang.  Jazz Dancers include Rebecca Namyet, Lizzy Culp, Hanna Higgins, and Lourdes Taylor)

Four other Ensembles will hold auditions and rehearse in the Spring for the concert: African Ensemble under the Direction of Dr. Lela Aisha Jones; Hip-hop working with guest choreographer Melanie Cotton; Ballet Ensemble which will be choreographed by guest artist Meredith Rainey; and a special reconstruction project of Alwin Nikkolais’ Tensile Involvement under the direction of Alberto del Saz, a former soloist with the Nikolais/Louis Company and the reconstruciton director of the Nikolais/Louis Repertory.

2) On Tuesday December 18 at 2:30 PM in PEM, the introductory composition course Dance Composition: Process and Presence will show final solo and group projects under the direction of our Dance Composition faculty member, David Brick.  All are invited.  Bi-Co dancers include Sarah Curtis, Sarah Depew, Ameesha Dugal, Hanna Higgins, Leah Jarvik, Tali Laurence, Andrew Nguyen, Sophia Silver, Jasmine Stanton, Lourdes Taylor, Kejing Wang, Lea Williams, Sayori Yoshida.

Hanna Higgins from the Comp Class

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