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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9  at 8 PM                   
Hepburn Teaching Theatre in Goodhart
(through the glass lobby)
FREE and open to the public




The Bryn Mawr Dance Program faculty are among the best professional dancers and choreographers in a city known for its excellent dance scene.  Come see them perform in their own works.



Melanie Cotton
, well known in the region for her hip hop innovations, and Latin dancer Laurel Card present a hip hop experiment that digs into the relationship between hip hop, Funk, African and Latin dance styles.

Independent choreographer Rebecca Malcolm-Naib‘s trio, take it / lose it, explores an intense world where control of oneself and others drives every relationship.

Olive Prince Dance presents excerpts from her quintet Of Our Remnants, inspired by a scene in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera, before taking it to Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn.

Philadanco member Joe Gonzalez dances in a high-octane duet with fellow ‘Danco dancer Jah-Meek Williams.

Katherine Kiefer Stark, director of The Naked Stark, explores the layers of her visible whiteness and invisible Jewishness through movement and monologue in her solo What’s in a name? to the music of Stephen Sondheim, Billy Joel and klezmer.
For more information contact the Arts Office at 610-526-5210

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