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Dylan Hoffman Senior Choreographic Project

Fun Kosev Biz Cleveland

Created and performed by Dylan Seders Hoffman.
In collaboration with Tali Laurence, Genevieve Legowski, and Sonja O’Brien.

A Torah School dropout turned Yiddishist, a Conservadox Jew, a cultural Jew, and one Quaker.
What does the next generation of Judaism and Jewishness look like? What possibilities open when we define Jewish continuity for ourselves? And what exists in the space between longing and belonging? In this performance, mixing together dance, Yiddish song, Hebrew prayer, flowing water, and hot oil, we show you what we’ve found.

Come join us:
Saturday, Feb. 23 @ 7:30pm
Sunday, Feb. 24 @ 2:00pm
McPherson Auditorium Stage, Goodhart Hall, enter through glass atrium on the side
Free & Open to the Public, reception follows each performance”

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