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Dance Program Information Reception

COME JOIN US…Friday, October 28, 5:30 PM in the Goodhart Music Room (through the glass lobby and one level down)… and find out everything you ever wanted to know about dancing at Bryn Mawr
Weposter images sm‘ll provide hot cider and treats as well. . .

Bryn Mawr and Haverford students can elect to do a MAJOR in Dance, a double MAJOR in Dance and another academic area, or a MINOR in Dance. . . OR they can just take dance classes that match their interests, skill, and schedule, many of which are offered for Physical Education or academic credit.

Bryn Mawr and Haverford students can take technique courses in DANCE at Bryn Mawr ranging from ballet and African to Hip-hop and modern dance and at beginning to advanced levels.  There are several performancClassimageshexagone options as well for intermediate or advanced dancers.  Students area also invited to get creative in choreography classes or and seminar courses open up the world of dance in history, culture, and society.


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Tuesday, October 18th   7:30PM    Goodhart Music Room

Toni Shapiro-Phim is a cultural anthropologist with a specialization in the arts of Southeast Asia. She received her Ph.D. from Cornell University, writing about the relationship between war, dance and music in Cambodia, and has held research and teaching positions focused on arts and social justice at the University of California, Berkeley, Yale University and Bryn Mawr College and is a founding member of the Cambodia/Southeast Asia Working Group at Rutgers University’s Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights. Co-editor of Dance, Human Rights and Social Justice: Dignity in Motion (2008), her writing has also appeared in Annihilating Difference: the Anthropology of Genocide (2002), The Encyclopedia of Asian Theatre (2007), The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance (2001) and other books, magazines, and journals. She is currently program specialist at the Philadelphia Folklore Project, where she conducts research about urban expressive culture and coordinates an arts and social change education program.

DLiberianwomen's chorusmedr. Shapiro-Phim will discuss her most recent project, the film, Tokay. Shapiro-Phim directed this film about the famous Liberian performer, Tokay Tomah, who was selected at age 10 to join Liberia’s National Cultural Troupe, and who became a lead dancer and eventually, a featured singer. The film focuses on the personal and professional disruption of Tokay’s life during the civil war and on her dynamism, creativity and her sense of responsibility to her country and the women of her country in diaspora—all set against the tensions of civil strife and its aftermath.  The film will be shown on Friday October 21, 7PM, at the Scribe Video Center, 4212 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. You can check out a Liberian music video of Tokay here
Living now in the Philadelphia area, Tokay, together with other equally famous Liberian women singers,  have formed the Liberian Women’s Chorus for Change.  To hear the performers of LWCC sing and talk about their mission to educate women about abuse and violence go to

Dr. Shapiro-Phim is also happy to discuss her work in the camps along the Thai-Cambodian border in the late 1980s, her other research projects, and the field of dance anthropology/ethnology.Toni shapiroPhim

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A visit with Dance Education specialist, Brigitte Heusinger von Waldegge

BrigitteBrigitte Heusinger von Waldegge, Associate Professor at Philipps—University in Marburg, Germany is an educator, instructor of contemporary dance and author. She has developed a distinctive syllabus of Enabling Dance in Education and engages students in an experience of dance that involves physical and intellectual problem solving and generates curiosity, creativity, community, and discovery.  She is a co—founder of a unique Masters Program, Cultural Education in Schools. She comes to Philadelphia as part of an international dialogue on Dance in Education and will be visiting and working with Mady Cantor’s Elementary Modern Class on Monday, October 17.

The class will be about the pleasure of moving and making dances, beginning with structures that generate spontaneous impulses and tapping into movement skills from daily life. She will introduce compositional principles that will facilitate the crafting, sharing, and merging of individual dance into collective dances.  The class runs from 12:10-1:30.  Space is very limited so if you are interested in participating or watching, contact Madeline Cantor at



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Philadanco Performance and Master Class

Philadanco. . .
Dancolabessas expected, brought the fully-packed Goodhart Hall to its feet on Friday, September 23, with its performances of repertory by 4 distinguished but very different choreographers: Labess by David Brown (pictured to the left); Hand Singing Song by Jawole Willa Jo Zollar; Between the Lines by Francisco Gella; and one of the company’s signature pieces, Enemy Behind the Gates by Christopher Huggins. Amazing and powerful dancing marked this first event of the Performing Arts Series, and we were delighted to see HC alum, Dana Nichols, in three of the works.

On the Thursday prior to the performance, two company members, Janine Beckles and Joe Gonzalez, taught a master class open to our BMC/HC dancers and to dancers from Philly and the community.  The warm-up and center were based on Horton technique, one of the company’s core styles, and were followed by the opportunity to learn a very quick and complex section from their repertory.  Janine and Joe were terrific instructors, attending to all of the students in the class, explaining and modelling the technical elements in a really clear way, and enthusiastically encouraging our dancers to go for it full throttle.  It was challenging, informative, and fun.

Joe Gonzalez with Jasmine S., Shivani P., Tali L., and Joy the first line working on their Horton ‘T’ Lateral.  Janine can be seen working with Joy.
Janine6cropMEDJanine checking out the work of Danielle X. and Diane P.
Janine2MedJanine watching Jasmine and Joy mid-air


Check out more images at












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Philadanco in Performance at Bryn Mawr…with dance alum, Dana Nichols performing in “Between the Lines”

A great opportunity to see PHILADANCO–a nationally renowned dance company, noted for its virtuosity and powerful performances–for FREE!
and Dana Nichols, a dance alum and HC class of 2014 will be performing in one of the works presented!!

FRIDAY September 23  8:00 PM in GOODHART… get your tickets early from the Arts Office or ticket giveaways in Campus Center that week.

Master class for intermediate and advanced dancers Thursday, September 22  4:10-5:30 in PEM

Dana is second from the right below in Franciso Gella’s work, Between the Lines. The choreographer is center.

dana nichols 2nd from right

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For Field trip, new programs supporting student performance ticket purchase, and for PAS info…check out the blog entries following this.
Contact Linda if you have any questions or problems…

Full Fall schedule is at  and Faculty bios at
Many favorites have returned.

Fall16facultycollagesmall and more. . . .

NOTE we’re trying a new time for Intermediate Technique: Modern…TTH 5:40-7:00 PM with Michelle Stortz in Denbigh. . .
and, in conjunction with the Haverford Ballet Club, we will be offering a Friday Afternoon Open Ballet Class with Meredith Reffner-Callender, former soloist with the Pennsylvania Ballet, for intermediate or advanced students (Time TBA soon).  Please note that first year BMC students who have to attend the Monday evening ‘Thrive’ lecture CAN take the Friday class in place of the Monday class if you are taking Adv. Ballet for PE credit.  Upperclass students may use the Friday class for up to two makeup classes whether you are taking it for PE or Academic credit.

BALLET Placement class for first year students interested in ADVANCED or INTERMEDIATE BALLET is Thursday, August 25 at 4:10 in PEM.  Upperclass students who have never taken the ballet placement class but want to enter ballet classes at that level must contact Linda Caruso Haviland ( and expect the first week of classes to be used for placement consideration.
All other classes except ensembles (see below) are self-placed [Beginning level classes are good for those with little to no experience and those who have not danced since childhood and those returning from injury; Intermediate levels require at least 1.5 to 2 years of work in that technique; Advanced levels and most Dance Ensembles presuppose a minimum of 3-5 years of prior dance training; and open level classes, like African and Hip-hop can accommodate beginners as well as with experience in the form].


This Fall, we are offering three ensembles: Modern with Madeline Cantor and Jazz with Shannon Murphy, both of which will be performed in the Spring concert, April 21 and 22. These ensembles are appropriate for intermediate and advanced level dancers. We are also offering Dance Outreach, under the direction of Madeline Cantor, which tours a lecture-dem and a performance piece to Philadelphia public schools. This ensemble selects from dancers with at least two years of training in any technique and a love of performing. In the Spring we will offer ensembles in Modern, Jazz, African and Hip-hop. All are by audition class and all are performed in the concert, Friday and Saturday, April 21 and 22
Modern Ensemble Audition class Wednesday, August 31  4:10 Pem
Jazz Ensemble Audition class Thursday, September 1   5:40  Pem
Dance Outreach informational meeting, Friday September 2  3:40 Pem

Dance Outreach performance





shannon jazz sm



Shannon’s piece from the Spring 2015 concert







Academic lecture/seminar courses..
This semester, Linda is offering Performing the Political Body: Dance and Power.  This is a 200 level course and appropriate for 2nd year students and up. In the spring, Linda will offer Approaches to Dance: Themes and perspectives, which is a 100 level course open to anyone but which is a requirement for anyone considering a minor or major in dance. Mady will be offering a .5 half semester course, Dance/Close Reading  in which students will engage in a close reading of dance, using live dance performances as primary texts and setting these performances in critical and historical contexts through readings in dance criticism and theory, activities, discussion and media. Not sure yet whether Anatomy and Physiology for the Dance will be offered.

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FALL 2016 NEW PROGRAMS – Dance Flip and Dance Trip

The Dance Program has developed two new and related programs to make Dance performances more accessible to our students and to take advantage of the active and exciting dance scene in Philadelphia.  These are open to all bi-co students and are supported in part by donor, Virginia Clark. For more info contact Mady Cantor ( or Linda Caruso Haviland ( in the Dance Program. This is our first semester for these programs and we’ll evaluate them at the end of the semester…student feedback is welcome.

DANCE FLIP (Faculty in Live Performance) offers ticket purchase support to see current or recent faculty members in performance. For example, Lauren Putty White–who some of you know from working with her in the Jazz Ensemble last spring and some of you know from seeing her powerful  and incredibly danced choreography for the Dance Faculty Concert–will be presenting the full version of her iStand: Stories of an American Civil Struggle or October 9 at the painted Bride Art Center in Old City Philadelphia.  Students can get reimbursed $10. per faculty related performance by bringing in the ticket stub.

LaurenPuttyDance project
Putty Dance Projects

DANCE TRIP (Dance Reimbursement in Philadelphia) also provides students some ticket support for any dance performances, in any genre, in the Philadelphia area.  Just bring in your ticket and you will be reimbursed for $10 of the ticket cost.  For area performances check for three packed weeks of regional, national, and international performances starting next week or check or for performances throughout the year.

Charmatz at Fringe Festival
Boris Chamantz at the Fringe

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2016-17 Performing Arts Series presents PHILADANCO

Friday  September 23  8PM  Goodhart


A great opportunity to see PHILADANCO–a nationally renowned dance company, noted for its virtuosity and powerful performances–for FREE!  The program will include work by Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and Christopher Huggins.
Free to the Tri-co community, but get your tickets early from the Arts Office in Goodhart or in an announced ticket giveaway that week in the Campus Center.
Master class for advanced and upper level intermediate dancers on Thursday, 4PM in Pem Studio.

Photo: Lois Greenfield

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Dance Program FIELD TRIP

Pa Ballet

Pa Ballet

Join the Dance Program on Saturday, November 12 to see the PENNSYLVANIA BALLET in a mixed program of classical and daring contemporary ballet works.  Tickets are available at the group rate of $20. and we provide free van transport to and from the Merriam Theater in the heart of downtown Philly.  Contact Mady Cantor at if you are interested.

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Bryn Mawr and HavIdanLadderSMerford student dancers will take to the stage for the Bryn Mawr College Dance Program Annual Spring Dance Concert this Saturday, April 23 at 6:30PM and Sunday, April 24 at 7:30PM in Goodhart Theatre. Students will perform works by student choreographer Joie Waxler and by Linda Caruso Haviland, founder and director of the Dance Program and in a range of dance works by critically noted guest and faculty choreographers. They include: Hip-hop virtuoso, actress and singer Melanie Cotton; Colby Damon, former dancer with the Sacramento Ballet and BalletX; Rev. Nia Eubanks-Dixon, former dancer with Urban Bush Women and the Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble; Lauren Putty White, former dancer with Parsons Dance and Philadanco;  Linda Karash Mintzer,AFricangroup2015Med formerly with the Pennsylvania Ballet, who will restage a classic variation; and Vicky Shick, an internationally regarded NY-based dancer and choreographer, formerly with the Trisha Brown Dance Company. More detailed information on the choreographers is below. The concert runs under an hour and a half including intermission and seating begins 30 minutes prior to performance. The concerts are free and open to the public, and a reception follows in the Benham Lobby. For general concert information, please call (610) 526-5210

EmmaDanaLungeSMsmOlive's piece leapSM

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Linda Caruso Haviland, founder and director of the Dance Program, earned her doctorate in Dance and Philosophy from Temple University, has performed her own work as well as that of independent choreographers in New York and in Philadelphia and danced principally with ZeroMoving Company under the direction of Hellmut Gottschild. Our critically noted guest choreographers include the following: Melanie Cotton studied with pioneering Hip-Hop legends Elite Force, Moncell Durden and Don “Campbell Lock” Campbell among others, and both studied and performed internationally with hip-hop great Rennie Harris. She directs a feminist Hip-Hop performance group, Women’s Revolutionary Vagime and has also appeared on regional stages as an actress and singer in comedies, experimental theatre and musical theater. Colby Damon is a former member of Sacramento Ballet and Ballet X and has performed with Mark Morris Dance Group, the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, and independent choreographers. He has created choreography for Charlottesville Ballet and Pennsylvania Ballet II and continues to perform his own work as well. Rev. Nia Eubanks-Dixon is a former dancer with two high-powered companies, Urban Bush Women and the Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble, and has been choreographing for DANSE4NIA Repertory Ensemble. Vicky Shick is an internationally regarded NY-based dancer and choreographer. She has been nominated three times for NYC “Bessie” awards and won one for her performances with renowned choreographer, Trisha Brown, and another for choreographic achievement. Lauren Putty White has performed with Parsons Dance in NYC and, most recently, with Philadanco. She has made works for several companies including BalletX and co-directs Putty Dance Project with her husband and jazz musician/composer Brent White.

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